Level 4 155 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill QLD 4000
Natarshya Martin

Advisory Project Coordinator

Relevant Skills

  • Project Coordination
  • Administration Experience
  • Theoretical and practical legal knowledge
  • Interpreting and understanding policy
  • Personable and comfortable demeanor
  • Fast adaptability
  • Active listening
  • Discerning note-taker adept at synthesising key information


  • Undergraduate Law (Hons) and Communications dual degree
  • Diploma of Project Management

A problem solver and natural leader, Natarshya brings with her experience in the law sectors and project management industry. Her outstanding tact, ability to understand problems and adapt to any situation makes her a fantastic advisory consultant.

Natarshya is a first year Advisory Project Coordinator working at Gripfast. Natarshya has extensive experience in both project management and advisory. As a part of the Advisory team Natarshya will utilise her University endorsed communications skills to assist in coordinating a large range different advisory projects. Her ability to grasp problems quickly and with efficacy has generated a well-rounded and tenacious individual who values both educational learning and on the job, work experience.

Natarshya is an active member on the QUT university community both academically and socially. Having received QUT Deans’ Commendations for Academic Excellence as well as working on the QUT Academic Board of Reviews, Natarshya’s commitment to her education has proven itself many times over in her career and day to day life. Her studies in a dual undergraduate degree of Law and Communications as well as a Diploma of Project Management have provided her with an extensive educational background of which she has built a steadily developing, successful early career.