Level 4 155 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill QLD 4000
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Naqiya Hassanali

Project Manager


  • Development Management
  • Design Management
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Quality Controls
  • Contract Administration
  • Budgeting & Forecasting
  • Project Planning
  • Site Management
  • Tenancy Delivery
  • Tender Analysis
  • Quality Assurance


  • Bachelor of Civil Engineering
  • Diploma in Engineering Practice

Naqiya is an experienced Project Manager and contract administrator, having worked with a range of clients. Her attention to detail and strong communication skills are her two greatest strengths.

Naqiya has over three years of valuable experience across various aspects of large-scale railway and infrastructure projects, working closely with clients in design delivery, contract management, planning & budgeting, and stakeholder management. Having worked on both sides of the construction equation (as a Civil Engineer & Client PM), she brings a unique combination of contract and construction knowledge with a focus on efficient client management. She has assisted a range of large-scale railway and infrastructure projects including executing live environment projects.


Throughout her career, Naqiya has developed a diverse set of soft skills that have proven instrumental in fostering effective collaboration and achieving team goals.  As a highly adaptable and results-driven individual, she thrives in dynamic environments where she can build strong relationships with colleagues and stakeholders. Whether it’s working on complex projects or brainstorming innovative solutions, she consistently prioritises team cohesion and believes in fostering an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone can thrive.