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When 2 Heads are Better Than 1...
PM & Advisory puzzle(2)

At Gripfast Consulting, we’ve got all the right pieces to help you solve your project puzzle!

In today’s market, it isn’t enough to provide static, siloed services. As our industry becomes increasingly complex (thank you inflation, supply chain disruption and resourcing challenges!), providing omnichannel services that engage with the client and deliver projects in a dynamic, flexible and collaborative manner is crucial.

A perfect fit, our Project Management and Advisory teams, led by David and Dr. Annabel McGuire, respectively, work in tandem to offer our clients a full spectrum of services for their project needs. This pairing ensures that aligning strategic objectives and performing effective stakeholder engagement, seamless procurement and project delivery is possible…all from the one place!

Find out more about our dual services, how we operate and why this could be the best solution for your upcoming project! 💡

Reach out to Dr. Annabel (Director Advisory) HERE.

Or to David McGuire (Director Project Services) HERE.