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Owning your Wins!

Do you find it easier to compliment others on their wins than to acknowledge your own? Perhaps discussing your colleagues’ success stories comes more naturally than being aware of your own? We get it!

Our Director, Dr Annabel McGuire is certainly guilty of this. Just the other day, we discovered that her time as a Researcher and Academic resulted in her publications being cited over 320 times! Why have we only just heard about this?! Congrats Annabel! 🌟

Professional writing, whether it’s for a Grant Submission, Program Evaluation, Project Review or Scientific Report, is an invaluable skill to have. It is certainly a crucial element to leading Gripfast’s Advisory team! To get an understanding of the types of projects Annabel has used this skill-set on, click here.

Are there any wins you haven’t celebrated yet this year?

Permission to give yourselves a pat on the back and we encourage you to own your wins! 🙏