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2022 - A Year in Review!
The ups, downs and lessons learned along the way...
a year in review at gripfast consulting

Well, 2022 was a huge year for everyone it seems, especially in our industry!  As specialist Project Managers and Advisory Consultants, with a focus on construction and strategic planning, we found 2022 to be one of our hardest, yet (sorry for the cliché!) most rewarding years in business.  Despite a slew of unavoidable external factors impacting our projects and our client’s businesses (hello complex procurement, rising cost of goods, supply chain disruption), we did our best to provide them with the most reliable, honest and innovative solutions possible. So, how did we do this?

Communication is Key. Consistent, clear and concise communication and collaboration between us, our clients and key stakeholders continues to be one of the most crucial elements to a successful project. Especially in a dynamic, and at time, volatile, working environment.

Innovative Solutions saved the day. Luckily, Gripfast has developed our own bespoke, award-winning research and project planning models that are built around fluid, adaptive methodologies. We ensure the right contract models are used for our projects, adapt our methodologies to suit the changing needs of our clients and of course, pivot when necessary.

Defining Scope is Crucial. Over the last decade, we’ve found time and again that ensuring the project has clearly defined its aims, objectives and scope is directly related to the future success. The money and time spent at the beginning of the project to achieve this is undoubtedly significantly less than what it costs to change scope, contracts, timing of deliverables and managing stakeholder expectations down the line.

So, this all said, what did we manage to achieve as a business? Well, quite a bit!

✔️ Introduced 5 new sectors to our growing list
✔️ Opened a full-time office in Townsville
✔️ Built relationships with new clients & strengthened existing ones
✔️ Raised over $7,000 for Legacy Brisbane
✔️ 8 new team members
✔️ Largest number of projects…ever
✔️ Grew our Advisory services and offerings
✔️ Formally welcomed three new members to Gripfast’s Strategic Advisory Board
& most importantly….
✔️ Had a whole lot of fun doing it!

So, what now? Gripfast Consulting is back for another great year of Project Delivery Services! 🏗️

We have some very exciting construction works already under way in the health, education, retail and infrastructure sectors. Plus, we’re entering new territories as we look to apply our expertise and experience in Defence and Research!

Importantly, we are committed to continuing our support of charities such as Legacy Brisbane and ensuring that we as a company, and individuals, encourage gender equality in our industry.

Now is the time to get in touch if you have any upcoming projects (or ongoing ones that need a little nudge)!
Shoot an email to: gripfast@gripfastconsulting.com.au and one of our Directors will get in touch.

📨 We’d love to hear from you…