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Young professional working for gripfast consulting

As a recent graduate in Interior Architecture, my journey took an unexpected turn when I was presented with a unique opportunity to work for a prominent Project Management firm, Gripfast Consulting. Little did I know that this experience would not only broaden my professional horizons but also reshape my perspective on the dynamic relationship between design and project management.

Entering the workforce with a design background, I initially felt like a fish out of water in the project management realm. However, the Gripfast team were extremely supportive and the challenges and learning opportunities that came my way were invaluable. Here are some key takeaways from my experience so far:

1. Collaboration is Key:

In both design and project management, collaboration is not just a value – it’s a lifeline. Working in a design field can come with challenges when it comes to collaboration because much of design is about the melding of ideas, and I discovered that the skill I had gleamed from working collaboratively on design projects became uniquely useful for my work at Gripfast. The skills I gained from learning how to collaborate with different personalities, work styles and skills became inherently clear in a space like project management where your background can influence your perspective on a project. Gripfast made collaboration accessible, and it never felt like there wasn’t someone to ask about something as Gripfast has talented individuals with a diverse range of skills from architecture to planning to psychology to engineering… This cross-functional collaboration is the backbone of successful projects, fostering innovation and ensuring that diverse perspectives contribute to comprehensive solutions.

2. Adaptability and Flexibility:

Projects are dynamic, and the ability to adapt to changing circumstances is crucial. In the design world, changes often happen during the creative process, but in project management, adaptability extends to timelines, budgets, and unforeseen challenges. Embracing change became a valuable skill, enhancing my resilience and problem-solving abilities. One of the most valuable lessons I have learnt is that the work of a project manager requires the ability to forecast possible issues and be considerate of what is required for that eventuality. Preparation is always key, but the ability to then act on change is also equally important.

3. Attention to Detail Matters:

In design, meticulous attention to detail is second nature. However, the project management landscape showed me that this skill is equally vital on a broader scale. Overlooking small details can have significant consequences, reinforcing the importance of thorough planning and execution to ensure project success.

4. Effective Communication is a Cornerstone:

Clear and concise communication is vital in any professional setting, but in project management, it takes on a new level of importance. Whether communicating with team members, clients, or stakeholders, being able to convey ideas and updates effectively is essential for project alignment and success.

5. Continuous Learning and Professional Development:

Working at Gripfast Consulting underscored the significance of lifelong learning. The project management field is ever evolving, and staying updated on industry trends, methodologies, and tools is crucial. This mindset shift towards continuous improvement has become an integral part of my professional ethos.

My unexpected journey from a design graduate to a professional in a Project Management firm has been a rewarding experience, challenging me to evolve and integrate diverse skills. Embracing change, fostering collaboration, and maintaining a commitment to continuous learning have become the guiding principles that shape my professional trajectory. I am truly grateful for the opportunities Gripfast has and continue to provide and excited about the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.

Gripfast Consulting is always on the lookout for young and enthusiastic interns eager to learn and professional individuals passionate about growth and contributing to an ever-evolving landscape. If you’re curious about what makes Gripfast Consulting a fantastic company, I encourage you to reach out. You can email myself at kendyl@gripfastconsulting.com.au or connect with us on LinkedIn. We’d love to hear from you!


Kendyl Jordan